The Vulture PDO

In partnership with others olive farmers and millers of the Vulture area, we have produced an oil of a really high quality, called "7 VETTE", an extra-virgin olive oil certified as Protected Denomination of Origin “Vulture”, the first and the only P.D.O. oil of the Basilicata Region, at the moment.

It is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives exclusively grown within the boundaries of 9 villages located at the slopes of the mountain Vulture, an extinct volcano, which has greatly affected the microenvironment of this area and its agricultural productions.

The 7 VETTE - VULTURE PDO  production respects the strictest quality requirements of all the italian PDO extra virgin olive oils. Rules for PDO refer to the olive culture, harvest, transport to the mill and extraction of oil. Strict rules limit the amount of olives grown per hectare of land as well as storage of oil and packging of it.