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Our Story

It is more than one hundred years that we have been involved in the production and commercialization of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, a fascinating activity, which becomes most exciting when its main goal is QUALITY.

Our commitment draws inspiration from the great passion for this wonderful product, that has been joined for a century the different generations of the MASTURZO family.

Our family has a long but simple story: we come from Arola of Vico Equense, a charming village near the Lattari Mountains in the Sorrento Peninsula. The area is well known for its mild climate, its clean, healthy air, and its pure water springs.

Since the second half of the 19th century our ancestors produced fresh cheeses in the family diary, as well as wine, nuts and oil from their lands. These products were mostly sold in the nearby city of Naples and, since the early 20th century, in the USA.

As time went on, probably because of an inborn passion, our family focused its activity in the production of olive oil.

So, a first plant was established in Naples, then in Caserta, and in the end, after the Second World War, in Venosa a small town in the Basilicata region, birthplace of the great Latin poet Horace who celebrated the bucolic virtues of this land many times.

Where we are

Today we are in the Basilicata region one of the most unspoiled regions of Southern Italy, where wheat, wine (such as the superbAglianico Del Vulture) and olive oil are three excellences of the local agricoltural production.
Since 1955, we have developed a close collaborative relationship with the local olive farmers. A constructive sharing of experiences and ideas, has allowed the improvement of the local cultivation techniques and, at the same time, the production of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Our Agricoltural Project

With a view to continuous quality improvement to be offered to our customers, we founded a modern farm with about 50.000 olive trees, which covers an area of almost 30 hectars in the fertile plain of Boreano, a district of Venosa, on the slopes of the mountain Vulture.
It follows the rules of theintegrated agricultural production and it respects the environment and its sustainability.

Trade offices
Via Aquileia n. 49
80143 Napoli
T. +39 081 283350
F. +39 081 203492

Oil Mill
Contrada Le Tufarelle
85029 Venosa (PZ) - Basilicata
T. +39 0972 32639
F. +39 0972 32519